Being Dad | Stories of Purposeful Dadhood

Being Dad | Stories about Purposeful Dadhood

Many men enter fatherhood feeling underequipped- not sure how best to invest in their children's lives. Unfortunately, good role models seem few and far between. That's why David Drury wrote Being Dad- to share memories of how his father invested in him and his brother and how those recollections have shaped his own perspective on being a dad.

The brief, easy-to-read stories in Being Dad will not only cause you to think, they will give you concrete ideas for how you can be a dad who makes a positive difference in your children's lives.

Be a dad on purpose!

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A Note From David Drury

I did not write a book about being a nice person. If so, I would write about my mother. She's a much better person than my dad. If you met them both you'd probably like her a lot more than him - most people do. In fact, if I was born a girl, I would be writing a book right now called Being Mom. But I'm not a woman, and I can't become a mother. So I'm not struggling with how to be a mom. I'm wondering how to be a good dad. If you're a man, I bet you are too. Even if you don't have kids, this subject is probably important to you as you seek to intentionally invest in the next generation. My dad was a great dad, but he made a lot of mistakes, and he's still making them. I don't agree with all he did or does today. There are a lot of things about him I'd rather not adopt into who I am. Making those kinds of decisions is all a part of becoming your "own" man. The reality is that you don't have be a superhero to be a good dad. Intentionality is 99 percent of successful fatherhood, and apathy is the reason for every father who fails at the job. It's not about your skills, education, or upbringing. It's about being a dad on purpose.

I never mention my dad's name in this book. I don't need to. To those who don't know him, the stories and ideas found here stand on their own and could be applied to your own father, or the way you would like to be as a father. To those who do know him, these stories and ideas only add to the remarkable figure you have heard of or know well. To me, he is simply, and incredibly, Dad.